Various Artists
Cup Of Tea Records - A Compilation
COT CD 001/COT LP 001

A1   Barcode - Love Anybody (mp3)
A2   Statik Sound System - Up in the Air
A3   The Eff Word - TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
B1   Dadamo - Doge of Venice (Solid Doctor Mix) (LP only track)
B2   Spaceways - Crimes
B3   Monk & Canatella - I Can Water My Plants
B4   Monk & Canatella - Rough Head
C1   Red - Squeeler
C2   Grantby - Timber
C3   Monk & Canatella - This Time is Different (Live in France)
C4   Purple Penguin - Passion (Monk & Canatella Remix)
D1   Statik Sound System - Secret Love
D2   Spaceways - Japanese Flute (LP only track)
D3   Statik Sound System - Revolutionary Pilot (Rob's Jungle)
D4   Oska - Floot